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Balogun's Bus Procurement Explanation to the Sierra Leone Parliament

Sierra Leone, a country that never seems to catch a clean break is once again in the grip of another scandal. As with most massive scandals in the country these days, the government is once again on the defensive.
A few weeks ago, the country's transportation Minister, a portly fellow called Balogun Koroma gleefully announced the arrival of 100 buses into the country from the People's Republic of China, with the expressed aim of alleviating the massive transportation problem in the country's capital Freetown. Balogun arranged a bus parade to show off the brand new vehicles and he was everywhere, as giddy as a kid in a candy store.
Sierra Leone has for decades been afflicted by the plague of rural urban migration. With the few economic opportunities in the country heavily concentrated in the country's Western region, Freetown and her environs have always been a Mecca for job seekers, students, hustlers, traders and people down on their luck. Even the world's oldes…