Sunday, November 9, 2014

Major Snow Storm Hits Minnesota Tomorrow: Advice for New Immigrants

Minnesota Winter Zane Avenue
Brooklyn Park
Tomorrow here in Minnesota, we will be hit very hard, as the first weather event of the winter comes in the shape a major snowstorm that is expected to wallop us with significant amounts of the wet stuff from Monday morning to late Tuesday. Between Wisconsin and Minnesota, we are expecting to be hit with anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of cold biting snow. The Canadians have done it to us again!
Highland Park, Saint Paul

Tomorrow morning, the snow will start in parts of Western Minnesota and is forecast to spread outwards very rapidly and fall very heavily. The late morning drive will not be pretty as we are expected to receive a constant snowfall rate between 1 to 2 inches per hour.
Segbwema Blogger in Snow
The Mild Stuff

 A major snowstorm on two of the busiest days of the workweek is bound to be bad, and all we can hope and pray is that the impatient and reckless drivers will pick the next two days to stay at home.

To my Sierra Leone relatives here in Minnesota you know the drill. To those who are just coming from Sierra Leone and have not been here with us for a while, here is the drill.

  • Get a small bag of sand, some torchlight, thermal underwear and a small but reliable blanket, in case you get stuck. Have these in your trunk.
  • Make sure your cellphone is fully charged before you leave the house and if you have been receiving disconnection notices, call your phone company and beg them for a two day extension.
  • Get a small shovel and a flashlight. Have these in your backseat. If your tires are smooth you have till the morning. If you really don't have money to buy new tires the next two days, consider using the bus or light rail.
  • Have a trail mix snack, some beef jerky and a bottle or two of water with you.
  • Most importantly dont forget your hat, warm socks and snow boots.
  • We hope you don't have to use any of these but if you do good luck.
    Snow Behind Our House Last Year
I may wish we were in Sierra Leone, but then there is that Ebola. God bless our people in West Africa as we prepare for two tough days.

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