Tegloma Minnesota Chapter Inauguration

Tegloma Federation Staff of Office
This Saturday October 4, 2014, members of the Minnesota Chapter of Tegloma, a Sierra Leone sociocultural organization  will be hosting a cultural extravaganza at the East Side Neighborhood Services Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to inaugurate their new and dynamic Chapter Chief Lahai Ansumana.
Tegloma Minnesota Presiden
Chief Ansumana Lahai

Chief Lahai Ansumana, a health care professional at the Hennepin County Medical Center will be inaugurated in traditional Sierra Leone style by the leadership of The Tegloma International Federation. Tegloma Federation Chairman Mustapha Sheriff, will officiate the inauguration and also preside over the ceremonies.
Immediate Minnesota Ex-Chief
Hassan Hendrickson Kamara 

Chief Lahai Ansumana took over from two term Chapter Chief Hassan Hendrickson Kamara, under whose leadership Tegloma Minnesota Chapter became one of the strongest chapters in the Tegloma International Federation.
Inauguration MC
Sarah Cassel 

Tegloma Minnesota Chapter joined the Federation in the year 2000, but has in that short time contributed immensely to the activities of the Federation. Currently the Federation Financial Secretary and Assistant Financial Secretary  are both from Tegloma Minnesota. In the last Federation government,  the Federation Vice Chairman and the Federation Board Secretary General were both from Tegloma Minnesota. The last President of the Tegloma Midwest Coalition was also from Tegloma Minnesota.
Chief Lahai and Some Minnesota
Chapter Members

Currently Tegloma Minnesota Chapter  members provide social support to each other in periods of celebrations and bereavement, engage in activities to encourage the education of members children, and have a charity project (Tegloma Minnesota Aid Project-TEMAP) which provides educational assistance to schools chosen at random in Sierra Leone. The organization is also a leading promoter of Sierra Leone indigenous culture in the diaspora.

Tegloma Federation Chairman
Mustapha Sheriff

Tegloma Minnesota Chapter also has a life insurance  policy program in place for all its active members and their dependants.  The Chapter is an integral member of the Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota  (SLCM) the umbrella organization for all Sierra Leone organizations in the state.

Saturday's inauguration will involve cultural masquerades from Sierra Leone,  a free array of delicious gourmet African food and musical entertainment by the talented DJ Bobor of Minnesota.


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