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Tegloma Benefactor Talks to the Segbwema Blog

Last weekend in the sprawling Texan metropolis of Houston, members of the Tegloma Federation International witnessed a rare case of major philanthropy when Mr. David Kolima Williams and his wife Mrs. Fatmatta Kamara Williams wrote a check for $10,000.00 (ten thousand dollars!) towards the construction of the proposed $300,000.00 multipurpose center in the southern regional capital city Bo. The Williams family donation was in reaction to an appeal from Tegloma Federation Board Chairman for members to start donating to a venture that was to finally move major Tegloma operations from USA to our home country Sierra Leone.

The Segbwema blog decided to contact Mr.Williams and explore his motivation for making such a large award to the organization. Many other members contributed ranging from $1500,00.00 to $39.00, but the Williams family donation was far and away the most generous. Mr. Williams took time of his busy schedule to answer some questions posed to him by Sheku Sheriff (Segbwema …

Institutionalized Theft at QE II Quay in Freetown Sierra Leone Reaches a New Low

In the last four weeks thieves at the Sierra Leone's QE II Harbor, popularly known in the capital Freetown as "Water Quay" have raided items belonging to the Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund (PWSF), A  philanthropic organization founded by a Sierra Leone national in Sweden Peagie Woobay Foday. Many young people in the Sierra Leone diaspora are outraged as she has involved many of them in her fundraising and promotional activities.

I first met Peagie Woobay in Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone. She was a young vivacious ball of energy who made you proud to have a girl child. She was very small but has always acted big. She reminds me of another young woman Halima Tambi who was also very small and energetic. They were in college at the same time. 
When the Sierra Leone civil war led to the great migration of young Sierra Leoneans into the refugee diaspora, Peagie Woobay was among the thousands of Sierra Leoneans who were lucky to make it out of the country and find a peaceful h…

Tegloma's Spectacular Houston Convention

This past weekend, members of Tegloma Federation International Inc, a 39 year old Sierra Leone sociocultural and philanthropic nonprofit, with headquarters in USA and 24 chapters in North America, Europe and Africa met in the Texan metropolis of Houston for their annual Mini-Convention. Tegloma is the largest Sierra Leone sociocultural organization in the diaspora.

From a group concerned mainly with immigration, bereavement, legal and other social issues, Tegloma has over the years evolved as times have changed. In the late 90s it supported the government of Sierra Leone under President Ahmed Kabba for the restoration of democracy in the country and also sent a very high level delegation to the inauguration of President Ernest Bai Koroma, headed by the Tegloma Federation Chairman at the time, Aloysius Bandami Foh, brother of current Sierra Leone Ambassador to China Victor Foh.
Tegloma is now concerned mainly with with charitable and cultural activities and is registered as a 501 C 3 phi…

More Pictures From the Tegloma Convention in Houston