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Sierra leoneans Endure Tough Christmas

After a full year of President Ernest Bai Koroma's Agenda for Prosperity, the majority of Sierra
Leoneans, a people faced with the highest rate of inflation in West Africa  have had to endure a very tough Christmas, bombarded on all sides by unreasonably high prices of  basic goods and a shortage of fuel that almost paralyzed vehicular movement in the mineral rich West African country. A rich land filled with excruciating poverty.
While 2012 became a hopeful year for Sierra Leone with the reelection of President Koroma and his promise of an Agenda for Prosperity, 2013 was a bitter year for the majority of Sierra Leoneans. The massive purge of government offices of state employees viewed as not loyal to the President's party the All People's congress (APC) has created a class of new poor as APC supporters with dubious academic credentials are relocated from the diaspora and given prime government positions, while veteran public employees and civil servants are dismissed wi…

Trouble in Lagos Part 3: Iyabo Obasanjo's Letter to Her Father Olusegun Obasanjo

“It brings me no joy to have to write this but since you started this trend of open letters I thought I would follow suit since you don’t listen to anyone anyway. The only way to reach you may be to make the public aware of some things. As a child well brought up by my long-suffering mother in Yoruba tradition, I have been reluctant to tell the truth about you but as it seems you still continue to delude yourself about the kind of person you are and I think for posterity’s sake it is time to set the records straight. “I will return to the issue of my long-suffering mother later in this letter. “Like most Nigerians, I believe there are very enormous issues currently plaguing the country but I was surely surprised that you will be the one to publish such a treatise. I remember clearly as if it was yesterday the day I came over to Abuja from Abeokuta when I was Commissioner of Health in Ogun State, specifically to ask you not to continue to pursue the third term issue. “I had tried to bring…

Trouble in Lagos Pt 2: President Goodluck Jonathans's Reply to Obasanjo

December 20th 2013

His Excellency,

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR

Agbe L’Oba House, Quarry Road,

Ibara, Abeokuta.


I wish to formally acknowledge your letter dated December 2, 2013 and other previous correspondence similar to it.

You will recall that all the letters were brought to me by hand. Although both of us discussed some of the issues in those letters, I had not, before now, seen the need for any formal reply since, to me, they contained advice from a former President to a serving President. Obviously, you felt differently because in your last letter, you complained about my not acknowledging or replying your previous letters.

It is with the greatest possible reluctance that I now write this reply. I am most uneasy about embarking on this unprecedented and unconventional form of open communication between me and a former leader of our country because I know that there are more acceptable and dignified means of doing so.

But I feel obliged to reply your …

Trouble in Lagos Pt 1: Former President Obasanjo's Letter to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan


I am constrained to make this an open letter to you for a number of reasons. One, the current situation and consequent possible outcome dictate that I should, before the door closes on reason and promotion of national interest, alert you to the danger that may be lurking in the corner. Two, none of the four or more letters that I have written to you in the past two years or so has elicited an acknowledgment or any response. Three, people close to you, if not yourself, have been asking, what does Obasanjo want? Four, I could sense a semblance between the situation that we are gradually getting into and the situation we fell into as a nation during the Abacha era. Five, everything must be done to guard, protect and defend our fledgling democracy, nourish it and prevent bloodshed. Six, we must move away from advertently or inadvertently dividing the country along weak seams of North-South and Christian-Moslem. Seven, nothing should be done to allow the country to d…