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Segbwema Member of Parliament Hon. Abu Jajua's Inauguration Inauguration

Hon. Abu Jajua
Next month, all roads lead to Segbwema, the headquarters of Njaluahun Chiefdom, as Kailuhun Constituency 7 prepares to inaugurate the young, dynamic and hardworking member of Parliament, Hon Abu Jajua, an engineer and machinist by profession. The inauguration slated for December 22nd to 23rd 2013 is planned as follows.

  • December 21st-Arrival of dignitaries, delegates and guests.
  • December 22nd- Day masquerade dance for the women and general population.
  • December 22nd- Night Masquerade dance for the men.
  • December 23rd- Inauguration ceremony followed by masquerade dance.
  • December 24 and 25th-Christmas and Boxing day.
Honorable Abu Jajua is gradually becoming the most hardworking Member of Parliament in the recent history of the Kailahun Constituency. He is easily accessible to his people, gives constant updates of his activities and is very responsive to problems affecting the people. His hands on approach distinguishes him from past MPs who spent much of their time in Freetown and only went to the constituency during occasions or to campaign for reelection.
Abu Jajua, Robin Faley, PC Coker Jajua
Chiefdom Unity

With just a year in Parliament, Honorable Jajua has successfully undertaken the acquisition of a cassava plantation in Upper Nyawa for the women and youths and sought approval to install a large scale gari processing machine for commercial activities. The goal of the honorable is to increase the income potential and productivity of the people in this traditionally neglected area of the constituency.

The young MP was also very involved and active in the provision of material and financial assistance to the victims of flooding and windstorms earlier in the year around the environs of Laleihun Kovoma and Segbwema. The MP toured the affected areas, gave emotional support to the victims and donated bags of cement and food to help the area recover from the natural tragedies.

Wesley Secondary School has also benefited a lot in material and financial assistance from the MP who was at hand for the school's jubilee celebrations earlier in the year and also rushed to provide emergency assistance when windstorms blew off the roof of the main school building earlier on in the year.
Hon. Jajua Inspecting Flood Damage
Laleihun Kovoma

Honorable Jajua has also sought approval for the rehabilitation of the Bunumbu to Tondola feeder roads and the rehabilitation of the Togoma Yekedu to Kailahun highway through Mendekema. He has also been very involved in the lobbying effort for the ISU road construction project from Kenema to Segbwema with the help of the government. The once menacing and treacherous Kenema Segbwema highway is expected to be as smooth as a ride in a European city. The honorable has also been actively seeking for the families whose lands were used to mine granite for the ISU road construction to be adequately compensated.

Honorable Jajua has also been actively lobbying Gold Tree Palmoil Processing Company to assist in the rehabilitation of the feeder roads in the areas in the proximity of the massive oil palm plantation and about 40% of the feeder roads in the area has been rehabilitated just within the year.
Hon. Jajua Providing Disaster Relief

Honorable Jajua has reached across the political divide to encourage president Koroma to support the construction of a fence around the Segbwema Town field. The honorable has seen the necessity to collaborate with the government on issues of development as he is acutely aware that development is both a government and an opposition business. Former honorable Robin Faley who defected to the All People's Congress and lost to Hon. Abu Jajua by over 9000 votes still has his eyes on retaking the constituency and is working hard to bring some APC propelled projects to the area. At the end of the day these efforts can only help the people of Njaluahun Chiefdom who have long been neglected in terms of meaningful infrastructural development under many successive governments.

Inspecting Storm Damage at Wesley School
To further encourage education. The honorable has instituted a full university scholarship for a deserving student and he intends on working on a scholarship program for more students in the immediate future.

Segbwema Town Library
Segbwema Bridge Construction ISU
On the political front, Hon. Abu Jajua was one of the champions for the campaign to replace the late MP of  Kailahun Constituency one, MP Alice Foyah who died suddenly after a trip from overseas. Hon Jajua was campaigning for her to be replaced by her husband Amb. Patrich Foyah on the SLPP ticket, while his Njaluahun rival ex-Hon Robin Faley campaigned on behalf of Susan Bona the APC candidate. APC badly wanted this priz and  poured in millions of leones, but were ultimately unsuccessful in capturing the seat from SLPP. 

Hon. Jajua has also been very active in engaging Constituency 7 descendants in the diaspora to participate in constituency development. These discussions are promising to yield some dividend soon.

We congratulate Hon. Abu Jajua for his hardwork, dedication and devotion to the people of his constituency and continue to encourage him to do the best he can to set an example of what a member of Parliament is supposed to be.
Historic Segbwema in 1972
42 years ago

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