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Interview With The Freetown Segbwema Blog Correspondent

Mwen Ke Devire
Freetown Correspondent
Yesterday,  I had the privilege of  talking with the esteemed Segbwema Blog correspondent in Freetown who now goes by the name Mwen Ke Devire.  We talked on the phone about a range of issues going on in Freetown Sierra Leone. This was the call.

Sebwema Blog (SB): Hello Mwen

Mwen Ke Devire (MKD): Hey SM how are you guys doing there in Minneapolis.

SB: Well we are planning to host a convention here on 30th August, so we are pretty busy right now. But my readers want to hear the latest from Freetown.  All the news we've been hearing lately has been about the President's Special Executive Assistant (SEA) threatening journalists in the country,  any other major news these few weeks?
Segbwema Blogger (SB)

MKD: Wow! Where do you want me to start? News has been pouring down like rain.

SB: Well let's start from your name why the change in name and why that foreign sounding name?

MKD: Well as you may have heard, State House is threatening to soon start enforcing the archaic criminal seditious libel laws, so I have to be very careful these days as the Segbwema Blog is viewed with some skepticism. I also heard that the food in Pademba road is not very tasty these days. The Agenda for Prosperity has not yet reached the prison. The name is from a favorite song of mine by Kassav.

SB: Well I do not think you should be worried that law is for journalists, not  for bloggers.

MKD: The Sierra Leone police may not know the difference between a journalist and a blogger.  ISP Munu has said Sierra Leone police are trained to shoot before they ask.

SB. Well be careful then. What are the major news items in the country.

MKD: Well as you may have heard, several ministers have told journalists not to worry as long as they are operating within the law. The State house Communications manager also told Madam Blyden to cool off and not just talk as if State House is Awareness Times. They don't want their message running without control like diarrhea. Even the President has said that journalists should not worry as he will continue his excellent relationship with them.

SB: What was the reaction of the journalists?

MKD: They have now given the Special Executive Assistant (SEA) a new title.

SB: What is the new title?

MKD: (SHV), State House Vuvuzela, the official noisemaker of the government.

SB. Great title, I actually prefer that, as that is just what she has been doing. Has she apologized for the two million dollars misinformation. 

MKD: The President has forgiven her and they have also released the recording of the Saudi Prince Al Alsaud stating he gave only 1 million. It seems our girl is so busy talking that she does not have the time to listen. her frends say the power has gone to her head. People are advising her to marry, but Freetown men are running away as if they were being chased by a crazy leopard.

SB. Any other news?

MKD: Well they have discovered that Charles Taylor's major financier has been living right here in Freetown all these years, in plain sight of Munu's police. I guess the CID has been so busy investigating Kao Denero and Charles Margai that they failed to see the big Kahuna lying right under their noses.

SB: You truly believe they did not know? Mwen Ke Devire Freetown is small but deep brother.
Bah, Sankoh, Omrie Golley

MKD: True. The fellow has been wanted by Interpol for a long time. He is Senegalese Fula by the Name of Ibrahim Bah, a trusted confidante of Foday Sankoh who has been under UN travel sanctions since 2004 for his role as the go between between Charles Taylor and the RUF. He was also trained in guerrilla warfare in Libya. He has all these years been living in Freetown in plain site of the police Masquerading as a Mr. Balde.

SB: What is the latest on the dismissal of brigadier Komba Mondeh.

MKD: Well the rumor is that APC just wanted to revenge for the 1992 coup. You know that Major General  Joseph Momoh was the uncle of Defense Minister Pallo Conteh. Many people are surprised that Mondeh even lasted that long, as most of his NPRC team have long left the military long ago. People said he stayed this long because of his Kono background. But when Patriotic Vanguard started to write stories about him owing somebody money in USA, many people knew that they were after him. You know that Salone Monitor, Cocorioko and Patriotic Vanguard are all on APC's payroll. 

SB: Of course, we were somehow surprised as Mondeh is one of the smartest officers the Sierra Leone army has ever produced. He excelled in international assignments.

MKD: I don't think anybody cares about how good an officer is in the Sierra Leone military, it is all about how close you are to the powers that be. Even if you can fly the space shuttle it does not matter.

SB: Sad. Any other news?

MKD: Well the funny news is that the Deputy Agricultural Minister Marie Jalloh said on radio that there is no food insecurity in Sierra Leone, as 98% of the people are not going around the streets of Freetown begging for food.

SB: Did she really say that on radio?

MKD: That was just the start. She said that food security is a matter of perception. According to her there is food in Sierra Leone, but the problem with the Sierra Leone people is that they only eat rice. She said that there is a lot of cassava and potatoes in Sierra Leone. So according to her, hunger is in the people's mind as there is a lot of food and APC has worked hard to make food available. They are now going to concentrate on livestock.

SB: Well that is a new and interesting concept. If you now get up in the morning and feel hungry, just say to yourself that hunger is a matter of perception. As long as you convince yourself that you are not hungry, you will be okay.

MKD: Exactly!

SB: God, where does Ernest Koroma get these people from?

MKD: Strong campaign supporters, maybe another relative.

SB: I also heard that we now have a Hezbollah connection?

Hezbollah Weapons at home of
Sierra Leone Acting consul
MKD: Oh yea, a Sierra Leone Lebanese fellow who is actually the Acting Sierra Leone Consul to the Nigerian city of Kano had his home raided and a cache of weapons of mass destruction belonging to Hezbollah was discovered. His name is Abdu Hassan Tahir. He is already under arrest in Nigeria. Another problem is that his house is just within striking distance of a police station attacked last year by the Nigerian fundamentalist terror group Boko Haram.

SB: Lord have mercy! We now have ties with Colombian cocaine, Hezbollah and Boka Haram.

MKD: Well the Boka haram angle is being seriously investigated by the Nigerian government, there is no direct link between us yet. That is why we should be careful of all these fitta fatta foreign appointments.

SB. Exactly, just a few week ago the Sierra Leone Minister Plenipotentiary to Canada Arthur Porter was arrested in Panama for massive corruption in Canada. He was living in Panama saying he was doing cancer treatment. When they came to arrest him he showed his Sierra Leone diplomatic passport. They arrested him anyway the nest day. He is now under lock up. He was a prominent medical doctor and at one time a prominent head of Canada's spy agency.

MKD: Maybe corruption is in the DNA of the Sierra Leonean.

SB: MKD I have to let you go, my minutes are running out. stay safe brother and take care. Will call you again next week.

MKD: Ok, I was reading the latest "Ponder my Thoughts" by Mr. Andrew Keili.  Well talk to you next week goodbye. Don't forget to send some bananas.

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