Friday, January 4, 2013

Sierra Leone Partial Cabinet Announced

Sierra Leone State House
After much apprehension and multiple ministerial lists floating around Sierra Leone and cyberspace, the only list that matters is out, that is the list released by the country's President Ernest Bai Koroma. As expected some new faces were brought in and past ministers without much political capital were quietly let go. The Vice President's former arch-nemesis from the same district Diana Konomanyi was also brought into the cabinet. The bitter feud between the two was settled before the election as reported by sensational tabloid journalist turned politician Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

Among the list of SLPP defectors, Usu Boie Kamara was rewarded with the Trade Ministry for overwhelmingly undermining SLPP support in the Western Area. There is a lot of recycling of the same people people from one ministry to the other.  Joseph Bandable Dauda, Sierra Leone's most successful political chameleon was moved from foreign affairs to internal affairs and Skeka "Shekito" Tarawallie was made his deputy.  Musa Tarawallie the Internal affairs Minister under whose tenure the nation saw a spike in police brutality was given the Lands portfolio.

PMDC's poor performance in the last election resulted in a correlating lack of visibility in the new cabinet. However there are still five more ministries to be announced and may be those that were loyal to EBK may still be able to scrape in. Otherwise there are still many diplomatic appointments outstanding and it seems President Koroma is taking his time, gauging public reaction as he slowly releases the names of appointees, one batch at a time. The competition for the remaining ministries is bound to be fierce and Sierra Leone Marabouts and Juju men will now be charging by the hour. Though the list of Minsters have to still be ratified by the countries Parliament, that is just a formality as Sierra Leone's parliament has historically been a rubber stamp of the executive.

This is the list of current Ministers as released by APC news portal Cocorioko.

ENERGY= Dr. Olunyi Robin Coker
  • Deputy : Mr. Bash Kamara

WORKS=Alimamy Petito Koroma
  • Deputy : Mr. Bagalleh Jalloh

EDUCATION=Dr. Minkialu Bah
  • Deputy : Osmond Hanciles
  • Mahmoud Tarawallie

  • Deputy : Mrs.Marie Jalloh
  • Mr. Lovell Thomas

LOCAL GOVT. =Diana Konomani
  • Deputy : Ibrahim Hadiru Kalokoh

INTERNAL Affairs =JB Dauda
  • Deputy : Sheka Tarawallie

HEALTH= Miata Kargbo
  • Deputy : Dr. A.B. Fofana
  • Mr. Foday Sawi

DEFENCE=A Palor  Conteh
LANDS=Musa Tarawally
  • Deputy : Ahmed Saybome Kanu

  • Deputy : Ibrahim Mansaray

TRADE = Usu Boie Kamara
  • Deputy : Allie B. Mansaray

MARINE Resource =Pat Sowe
  • Deputy : Charles Rogers

MINES=Minkialu Mansaray
  • Deputy : Mr. Ignosis Koroma

  • Deputy : M.B. Atilla

  • Deputy : Mr. Theo Nicol

RESIDENT: North=Alie D. Kamara
RESIDENT: East= William Smith
RESIDENT : South : Muctarr Conteh
CHIEF OF STAFF : Dr. Richard Konte

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