Monday, November 12, 2012

All Peoples Congress Supporters on the Rampage in Segbwema

Yesterday APC youths supporting defected ex-SLPP Member of Parliament turned APC turncoat Robin Fallay went on the rampage in Segbwema, attacking the residence of SLPP candidate Abu Jajua who seems to be headed for a landslide victory in Kailahun constituency 7. An innocent youth was seriously wounded in the melee and was under observation yesterday at the Nixon Memorial Hospital in Segbwema.

According to information from Segbwema, Robin Fallay's supporters were angry at the SLPP decision not to automatically award the party symbol to him the sitting MP, but rather to award it on the basis of a contest which they knew he was bound to lose, as he claims that he had fallen out of favor with SLPP elders in the constituency.

During the final APC rally in Segbwema yesterday, Robin Fallay led a group of his  supporters on the streets of the mostly quiet town, raining insults on SLPP elders in the town and accusing them of ungratefulness. Angry at the poor turnout at the rally, a group of rowdy youths headed for the compound of Abu Jajua the SLPP candidate. Luckily no one was at home as they proceeded to comprehensively wreak havoc on the yard and destroy property. Fortunately, Abu Jajua was in Kenema yesterday when the attack occurred and no one was at the compound at the time.

This is indeed a very sad development as throughout the long political history of the constituency, there had been very bitter political contests, especially in the days of the I. K. Foday and Dr. Gbow rivalry, but the rivalry had never degenerated into violence as Segbwema was a close knit town whose families were highly interrelated and had always maintained respect for each other, even in periods of bitter political struggles.

The opinion around the Segbwema principality is that Robin Fallay who has promised to deliver the constituency to APC knows that he has no chance of doing so and is instead bent on bringing down violence and mayhem to prevent a peaceful ballot from taking place. Elders in the town who are aware of the diabolical plan are urging SLPP youths to remain calm in the face of the unwarranted provocation.

An official complaint has been lodged by SLPP supporters to the Paramount Chief Sheriff Coker Jajua and the local police precinct. The Segbwema blog correspondent states that the situation is currently tense, but calm.

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