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Kadie Sesay Lays Out The Stark Choices Facing The People Of Sierra Leone

Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio
Bio in Europe

Dr. Kadi sesay
The Presidential candidate of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party Rtd Julius Maada Bio was given a rapturous welcome this morning in Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone, with thousands of people accompanying his motorcade to the party headquarters where he was due to address party loyalists and the people of Sierra Leone after his extremely successful tour of Europe that has injected the party with a major infusion of international funds, and during which he made a brief diplomatic stop in Canada to talk about proper governance on the African continent.
Monday Morning welcome Crowd

Former Revolutionary United Front (RUF) advocate Sylvia O. Blyden who currently says she is neither APC nor SLPP because President Koroma is not listening to her advice,  wanted to pour rain on Maada Bio's parade this morning in her propaganda mouthpiece by claiming that he had snuck into UK and came back into Sierra Leone via Lungi Airport instead of Guinea as he had promised. The fact that Soldiers deliberately mislead rebels did not register to Sylvia.

The people of Sierra Leone, tired of listening to endless propaganda and feeling the true impact of the bad leadership they are now under, did not have to be paid to join the welcome crowd as President Koroma's handlers are currently doing, nor did they have to bus in crowd loads of people, but the Segbwema Blog correspondent states that they turned the capital green this morning sending a clear message that a hungry people are also angry people, and the people are very hungry and angry indeed.
Bio Walking With the People

At the Party headquarters, waves of  major party leaders addressed the huge crowd, many of whom were unable to enter the building. Notable amongst the many speeches made at SLPP headquarters this morning in Freetown was that given by the vice presidential candidate and academician Dr. Kadi Sesay who enumerated in very clear details the stark and bleak choices the people of Sierra Leone faced, if they ever  made they made the disastrous decision of  voting back President Ernest Koroma and his thieving cabal into   State House in Freetown come November 2012.
A Tired people

In a speech delivered in the Sierra Leone lingua franca Krio and punctuated by shouts of "one country one people" and "professor, professor!" Dr. Kadie Sesay, a former professor of the most prestigious educational institution in the country, Fourah Bay College, stated her pride at how effectively the opposition flagbearer Maada Bio had represented his country in the international arena. She reassured the huge and attentive audience that Maada Bio's choice as the party flagbearer had been the right choice the people had made, regardless of all propaganda to the contrary and that it was rare for an opposition leader to be held in such high regard outside the country as Maada Bio had received huge crowds in UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland and Canada.
Professor Dr. Kadi Sesay VP Candidate

She emphasized that by getting such a huge crowd on a Monday morning in the western Area which was supposed to be an APC stronghold, the people had sent a loud and clear message that they were simply fed up with the lies and broken promises of the government. She promised that with the help of her people and supporters, the votes in the north of the country will be split right down in the middle between APC and SLPP. She reassured those that were being intimidated by the APC that SLPP will stand by them at all times and noted that they had paid 35 million Leones to keep unjustly acused councillor  Aziz Carew free, instead of efforts by the state using the judiciary to keep him locked up.

Dr. Kadi Sesay stated that it was a common saying that in Freetown these days that the men work but the women can no loger afford to cook, but go to cheap restaurants to buy food for the family, but under their leadership, the promise women will be able to cook a decent meal once more in the country and be able st share what the cook.
APC's Youth Employment

Dr. Sesay told the attentive audience that Sierra Leone was in a deep political and economic crisis and in a terribly sorry state and that it was time for the people of the country to make up their minds and make choice between hope and hopelessness.
 She recounted that on a recent visit to a village in the north, the people had told them that they were tired with the lies and harassment of the APC. APC agents were going around northern villages demanding monies, chickens and goats from the people and disappearing while leaving behind lies and false promises.

Dr. Sesay went on to state that the people of Sierra Leone had to choose to either bring back peace and security into the country or live with the type of insecurity that has become the daily life of the Sierra Leone people since 2007. She stated that in the current state of lawlessness, young people were being killed for nothing and people were no longer able to sleep peacefully. The people of Sierra Leone had a stark choice between the current chaos in the country and the imposition of genuine peace and security which the Bio-Kadi team will bring under their new direction. She stated that the people had to choose between high youth employment which APC claims they have already addressed and real job creation which they intend to take as a major priority.
Women's leader

The people of Sierra Leone also had to choose between the active marginalization that some population and opposition groups were facing under the current dispensation where your name and party card were the paths to available opportunities and that of a government that would create equal opportunity to all, regardless of political, tribal or regional affiliation, as long as you were Sierra Leonean.

The people had to choose between the current unreasonably high food prices of food and fuel in the country or go back to the days when she was minister of trade and fought hard to ensure that food prices were kept to the level that people could afford.

Finally the women of the country had to choose between a government that would put respect for women and their concerns at the top of the agenda or a government that only paid  lip service to the concerns of women. Bio had already demonstrated his concern for the problems women faced by having one of their own at the top of the party ticket.Dr. Sesay stressed while APC was claiming free health care in the country to hoodwink the international community into giving them free money whilst the health care system was in a state of near collapse, about 90 children were dying in the country everyday according to recent reports by reputable health care NGOs in the country.
Youths Want Change

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