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Blyden's Hero Charles Taylor Jailed for 50 years

Charles Taylor Shown Who was the Boss
Judges at the United Nations backed special court for Sierra Leone have handed down a stiff sentence of fifty years behind bars to former National Patriotic Front of Liberia rebel strongman turned president Charles Ghankay Taylor in a landmark case that makes Taylor the first president to be forced from office and tried for crimes against humanity in a neighboring country, in a conflict that he remotely controlled first from his bases in the jungles of Liberia and later from the country's Executive Mansion.
Taylor who was early last month found guilty of 11 counts of war crimes including; acts of terrorism, murder, violence to life, rape, sexual slavery and violence, outrages upon personal dignity, violence to life-in particular cruel treatment, other in humane against humanity, use of child soldiers, enslavement, and pillage was sentenced today in The Hague and will be serving his lengthy sentence from the cold confines of a British jail. He wa…

Tegloma Organization Promoting Sierra Leone Women

Ms. Rebecca Johnson Tegloma Vice Chairman-administration
Tegloma Federation International Inc, the largest Sierra Leone organization in the diaspora with 24 chapters in USA, Canada, UK and the Gambia is becoming a model organization for training Sierra Leone women in assuming the responsibilities of leadership in a formal setting. 
Each Tegloma Chapter is geographically located at least two hundred miles from the other. In the United States of America, Tegloma is typically located in states and cities with huge Sierra Leone populations such as the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia metro area, New England, Delaware Valley, Reading, Chicago, Houston and Dallas Texas, Indiana, Southern and Northern California, Minnesota, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, The Carolinas, Wisconsin, Arizona and Missouri. In Canada there are two chapters in Manitoba and and Ontario and a chapter in the United Kingdom, The Gambia and two chapters in Freetown and Bo Sierra Leone, though the Bo Chapter is curren…

Abu Bhonopha becomes Tegloma Board Chair

Newly Elected Tegloma Board Chair Abu Bhonapha On Friday May 25, 2012 the Tegloma Federation International Inc, the umbrella organization for all the Tegloma chapters all over the world conducted the organization's  board elections in Newark, New Jersey. Many board members from Tegloma chapters in USA and Canada, came together in New York to elect a new board executive for the federation.. This year, board members from London, Gambia and Sierra Leone were unable to come for the elections. The Tegloma board is responsible for setting out the broad policies of the organization and is the custodian of the organization's constitution and finances.
The Tegloma Board executive consists consists of the chairman and vice, the secretary general and assistant secretary general and the treasurer.
This year the position of board chairmanship pitted two veteran board members Mr. Mustapha Sheriff of Tegloma Chicago and Mr. Abu Bhonapha of Tegloma northern California against each other. Both ca…

Outgoing Tegloma Board Chairman's Report



Honorable board members, Administration Chairman Alfred Moi Jamiru, members of Tegloma, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of my wife Madam Rose Mustapha, my family and my board executive, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me this great privilege to serve as your federation board chairman, the most senior job in the federation these past four years. 
These past four years have been both challenging and rewarding and though we have had some tough times, I have not regretted one minute of it. If I had the opportunity to be board chairman, I will do it all over again.
During my term of office as Chairman of the Tegloma Federation Board we encountered many problems and had to deal with many issues.  However I am proud to report that my four years as chairman of the board of directors of this great organization, which we all love, has been very successful…

Of Lokos and Hutus: The Garbage Of Tribal Politics

The flagbearer of the main opposition party in Sierra Leone, Julius Maada Bio, who will be the presidential candidate for the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in the November 2012 elections has had everything thrown at him. Leading APC blog outfits masquerading as news outlets; Cocorioko, Torch and Awarenesstimes have thrown every conceivable garbage at the ex-leader of the country who initiated the first contacts with the rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) that ended the horrible crimes against humanity that were being perpetrated in the country under the guise of a civil war. Julius Maada Bio

When Maada Bio was elected flagbearer of the SLPP, most APC diaspora commentators like Kabbs Kanu, Joseph Sherman, and the grammatically challenged pseudo-intellectual Essa Thaim Kurugba and a bevy of other uninfluential forum party loyalists were ecstatic as they thought that with his NPRC association, Sierra Leoneans would easily reject Maada Bio in favor of the current president Ernest Ba…

Battle of Tegloma Titans

This weekend, Tegloma International Federation Inc, the largest Sierra Leonean non governmental organization in the diaspora will be having its annual mini-convention in New York/New Jersey. The highlight of this year's mini-convention will be the election of a new board executive who will be charged with the responsibility of charting the course of the massive organization and streamlining its practices and ideas to reflect its nonprofit focus and bring them in tune with the 21st century. Tegloma consists of 24 chapter organizations mostly in the United States of America, with two chapters in Canada and a chapter each in UK, Gambia and Sierra Leone respectively. The newest members of the Tegloma Federation are Tegloma Missouri and Tegloma Gambia.

Tegloma was originally founded as a regional organization promoting southeastern Sierra Leone culture and values and countering the discrimination faced by people from this region in the 70s by Sierra Leone embassy staff in the diaspora…

Nigerian 419 Scammers Getting Stupid

We have all had that junk mail claiming to be someone who was either the daughter, son or banker of the late Nigerian Dictator General Sanni Abacha, claiming to have access to a secret stash of money, a clandestine fortune  stored in some obscure bank in Switzerland, running in the millions of dollars, and all they want is someone like you, a honest and extremely reliable person to help them transfer this great cash reserve to a bank in your country in return for a substantial percentage of the late head of state's massive secret fortune. They only need your bank account number, your name and other particulars and a small fee to help with the transfer sent via Western Union. If you pay, the fees keep on building up.
General Sanni Abacha Another variant of these scams is that your email address was randomly drawn in a lottery and you have just been declared the winner of a massive lottery draw by some obscure London Lottery agency and all that you needed to do was send some money for…

Shekito's Ignorance Displayed

Deputy Information Minister Shekito When I was a student at Fourah Bay, there were three aspiring student journalists whose writings I really admired. To contextualize, I was a social science student at the time who had made the academic transition from biology and chemistry in 6th form at Sierra Leone Grammar School to Economics at Fourah. I was accepted to read economics at Fourah bay the same year that I was accepted to read biological sciences at Njala University. But the vision of the color of the semolina blended wheat I had met my brothers eating at Njala convinced me that my days of rural education were over and from then on I will only be educated in an urban environment. I love organic potato, but four years of existing primarily on that stuff was a challenge I was not willing to undertake and I never set eyes on Njala again.
To come back from my meandering, there were three budding journalists  whose articles I really looked forward to on the walls of either the student cafet…

APC Hero Mansaray Timbergate Talks to Cocorioko

Alex Timbergate MansarayCharismatic politician, Mr. Alex Mansaray, one of the few men of guts who sacrificed everything under the most daunting odds to form the All People’s Congress (APC) North America Branch at a time when  many people did not want to even hear about the party, arrived in the United States last weekend to spend some time with his family . Mr.Mansaray , who lives in Sierra Leone where he is a lucrative businessman, has also undergone his regular physical examination and has been given a clean bill of health by his doctors.Mr. Mansaray ,who is also one of the administrators of your popular COCORIOKO  newspaper, was in bouyant and excited mood when this newspaper caught up with him this afternoon, at Somerset, New Jersey. He was in very high spirits and said he was delighted that after he and a few veterans of the APC established the party’s North American Branch, other stalwarts had taken over the running of the branch and were doing well to concretize the party’s pre…