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John Leigh on APC and Voodoo

SLPP Ambassador John Leigh says he left his because of the involvement of some people with voodoo. Here is ambassador John Leigh, working on his Presidential campaign. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!

John Leigh also lengthily about current situations in Sierra Leone. What he said then compared to what he is saying now and his beef against Julius Maada Bio.

John Leigh Gambles on APC

Perennial Sierra Leone People's Party flagbearer loser Ambassador John Leigh says he has had enough of losing the SLPP flagbearership position and has packed all his bundles and headed over to the ruling All People's congress. He,  Nyuma and some other want to form an SLPP wing of the APC.

It could be recalled that in 2005, Ambassador John Leigh, who claimed to have spent fifty thousand dollars on the SLPP flagbearer contest, was totally enraged when Solomon Berewa was declared winner and Ambassador Leigh could not even find one individual among the thousands at the convention to nominate him, let alone vote for him.

The Times reported that Ambassador Leigh was so shocked at losing that he "nearly went into coma." The Awoko newspaper at the time reported that Ambassador Leigh was spotted, crying like a baby. The Focus reported that the six other candidates accepted the loss at the time like men, but Ambassador Leigh went into temper tantrums and c…

Octogenarian Abdoulaye Wade Concedes Electoral Loss

Senegalese president, 85 year old Abdoulaye Wade, who tinkered with the interpretation of the country's constitution to allow him to run for a third term has today conceded defeat at the polls and graciously called  50 year old opposition leader, Macky Sall, to offer his congratulations.

News reaching the Segbwema blog from the Senegalese capital Dakar states that there are widespread celebrations in Dakar. Speaking in front of thousands of ecstatic supporters, Mr Sall described his victory as a victory for all Senegalese and stated that he intended to become the president of every Senegalese and not just those that supported or voted for him.

Mr. Abdoulaye Wade spent about 30 years as an opposition leader, trying unsuccessfully  for decades to unseat the socialist party that ruled Senegal from the end of French rule in the West African country. Abdoulaye Wade's tenacity as an opposition leader was remarkable. He contested four presidential elections. He first contested again…

Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone People's Party Vice Presidential Pick: A Genuine Gem

In all honesty and sincerity, I was less than excited when I heard that Julius Maada Bio was elected as the flag bearer of the Sierra Leone people's party; the only party in Africa that that has twice lost democratic general elections, while still in power. The reason for my lack of enthusiasm was that I did not know what Maada Bio had done since he peacefully handed over power to Tejan Kabbah in the 90s. Another reason that I did not warm up to Maada Bio was that when he and I were in Bo school, he was a very quiet and nondramatic individual that was always too serious for my liking. His brother, the late Steven Bio of Tida's Atlantic fame, who was our senior prefect was the political one. I also knew some of the other candidates; Wurie, Timbo, Kadie sesay, from our days at Fourah Bay College and found them tantalizing and fascinating as presidential candidates. But when I learnt that after leaving the presidency, Maada Bio had gone back to the world of academia, I was genui…

The Good Old Days

Sierra Leone was once great, a fun place to be. Back in the 60s and 70s our elders were rocking. Listen to what my elders used to swing to.

Reason for Starting the Segbwema Blog

Yesterday I received a very interesting email from an individual who was interested in knowing my motivation for starting the Segbwema blog, what I gained from it and what my political leanings were. This individual told me that they made it a habit to check the blog on a daily basis. I would of course be lying if I did not say I was flattered. Just imagine, a person wanting to know my opinion everyday!

I would endeavor to answer some of the questions in the encouraging email.
About me; I was born many moons ago in Nixon Memorial hospital in Segbwema. I went to school by accident. All the male members of my family were sent at an early age to Dama in Kenema district for Quranic and Islamic education. When I was born my grandmother was very fond of me and did not want me to go away. So I stayed in Segbwema and started learning the Quran from an uncle, Karmoh Umaru Kallon who lived in the first room of our extended family house.

Our house was on the road to Methodist primary school. Th…

Tom Nyuma Bails Ship

Another day, another defection. News started trickling into the blogosphere yesterday that Tom Nyuma, aka Ranger; SLPP Eastern Province chairman has skipped the uncertainty of SLPP opposition politics for the ruling APC.

Tom Nyuma needs no introduction to Sierra Leoneans. His name is known in most households in the country and his exploits during the NPRC interregnum are also well known. Tom  was among the group of young army officers, led by Valentine Esegrabo M. Strasser that chased then APC president,  Joseph Saidu Momoh from Freetown one cold morning, in bedroom slippers, barely giving him chance to wear his pants.

Tom Nyuma became a major face of the NPRC government of Valentine Strasser. Initially he was Eastern Region Secretary of State and eventually rose to Undersecretary for defense. Tom Nyuma made a name for himself during those days as he was one of those ministers that would don military fatigues and head to the war front to engage RUF rebels. To this day a lot of people…

Remembering A Great Son of Segbwema

Segbwema, a small city in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone has had her own Share of prominent Sierra Leone citizens. Towering above the prominent sons of Segbwema is the great poet, sage, story teller, musician and oral history genious, the Late Salia Koroma, who was born in the Kono Town area of Segbwema just close to the river turned  stream Nyeya. Salia was I believe of Southern Sierra Leone heritage, but happened to  be born in the home town of the Segbwema blogger, Sheku Sheriff, the very I.

Yeaterday, someone from Daru, a suburb of Segbwema [I know I will get in trouble] requested a link to some Salia Koroma Music. I have been able to do some research and discover a whole website that is devoted entirely to Salia Koroma. The website is

I remain extremely grateful to whoever put this great website and compendium of Salia's legacy together, it is truly a labor of love.

In the meantime here are some tastings of the great Salia Koroma from the we…

Exposing Modern Day Demons.

As we closely monitor the lead up to elections in my country Sierra Leone, some of us are closely monitoring reports that certain political elements are preparing to once again leash violence upon the country if their political aspirations are not fulfilled. We will keep the eyes of the world trained on them as the eyes of the world are currently trained on the heinous and vicious heathen who claims to be leader of the Lord's Resistance Army, LRA, Joseph Kony.

The Segbwema Blog joins the crusade against murderous Ugandan rebel terrorist Joseph Kony.

Segbwema Blog Philosophy

We know that in the world there are eyes that are blind to evil and ears that do not want to hear it. Our aim is to have a world  that can solve problems without guns in hand. A world in which the power of the pen is mightier than the barrel of the gun. Our destiny is to see a world that will never justify wrong, no matter who perpetrates it. A world in which the quest for human development goes hand in hand and is never diametrically opposed to the quest for human dignity. 

In this struggle we will be the lone soldiers of righteousness. That is the philosophy of the Segbwema Blog and the mission towards which this blog will devote its energy.

Honorable Robin Fallay Released on Bail

Breaking news from Kenema is that a high powered legal team led by SLPP Secretary General Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie have finally been able to secure the release of the Njaluahun honorable on bail. Ambassador Foya and other Eastern Region SLPP officials have been working around this clock to right this gross injustice against the young MP. Some degree of calmness seem to be returning to Segbwema where people have been irate due to the disrespectful treatment meted out to the honorable member of parliament.
This is a breaking news item on the Segbwema blog. More details will be made available as news comes in. The honorable is headed for home

Honorable Fallay Continues to Langish in Kenema Jail

In a blatant show of disregard for the people of Kailahun district, the township of Segbwema and the parliament of Sierra Leone, the Kenema police have upon instructions from the All people's Congress [APC] hierarchy decided to again keep the sitting member of Parliament for Kailahun constituency 7, the Rt. Hon. Robin Fallay in indefinite detention, locked up like a common petty criminal in the stinking cells of a Kenema jail.

Reports from Segbwema state that Honorable Fallay, who was arrested in Kenema on March 6th, 2012 is being held in very deplorable conditions. When the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party initially requested his release, Kenema police stated that he was being held to obtain report from him. Later today they claimed to be holding him for protective custody. The alleged 10 underage girls the MP was accused of trying to register have been released on bail.

Even the idea that a sitting member of the highest law making body in the country can be treated like…

Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie on APC's Dirty 2012 Election Tactics

Atrtorney Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie, Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People's Party, the former ruling party which peacefully handed power to the current governing All People's Congress, comments on dirty tactics being used by the ruling party to perpetuate itself in power in the face of rising unpopularity of the current President, insurance salesman turned politician Ernest Bai Koroma

I am so glad I waited

Today March 7th 2001 is another historic day for bloggers and technophiles, such as the Segbwema blogger, Sheku Sheriff, who have been waiting patiently for the release of the much anticipated iPad 3, dubbed by apple as the The New iPad or by enthusiasts as the Ipad HD. The iPad HD will make blogging fun and a breeze.
As someone who has been an apple watcher for a long time, I told a few of my friends that I would never by an initial apple product, as it was always an experimental product that was aimed at finding out what people really desired in a product and later coming out with a 3rd or 4th generation product that would meet the expectations of the buying public.
Most people wonder why Apple is such a successful firm. The simple reason is that Apple makes what people want through regular yearly releases of totally reworked products. Where other firm re-wrap old products in new skins with minor enhancements, Apple releases, though frequent,  are usually a marked improvement upon …

Segbwema Member of Parliament Arrested

News from Sierra Leone being monitored by the Segbwema blog indicates that Honorable Robin Fallay, the Sierra Leone People's Party member of parliament for Kailahun constituency 7, which includes the township of Segbwema, was arrested yesterday at approximately 8.00pm GMT Sierra Leone time and detained at the Kenema police station. The arrest stemmed from allegations of voter registration malpractice.

Hon. Fallay together with the principal of Holy Ghost Secondary school and a teacher are accused of falsifying birth record with the intention of registering underage voters in the constituency. They were remanded in custody and refused bail.

Further reports indicate that earlier today the alleged underage voters, who were also arrested were arraigned in a Kenema magistrate court where they denied the involvement of honorable Fallay in the conduct for which they were accused and were granted bail. The matter was adjourned to April 3rd 2012.

Top SLPP officials went to the Kenema poli…

The Light of Democracy Dimming in Sierra Leone

Just four years ago, the small  nation of Sierra Leone, an exotic and pristine beauty on Western Coast of continental Africa,  became a rare symbol of democracy on the continent. On a continent renowned for dictators and tyrants, this small country that had emerged from a tumultuous period of civil conflict had successfully conducted free and fair elections that had seen the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party gracefully conceding power to the main opposition All People Congress party, an opposition party that had previously ruled the country for 23 years and had managed its decline from a once prosperous country to one of the poorest and most destitute nations on the face of the earth.

The old All People Congress Party, led by ex-presidents Siaka Probyn Steven and Joseph Saidu Momoh had presided over the systematic decline of Sierra Leone from 1967 to 1992, a period during which the country was virtually brought to its knees through decades of misgovernment. Siaka Stevens who had atta…