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Hassan Kamara's Graduation Ceremony

Most of the membership of Tegloma Minnesota chapter and other Sierra Leoneans, including Rev. Dr. Richard Shaka of the All Nations Christian Christian Assembly were at Bethel University in Arden Hills Minnesota on Saturday May 22nd 2010, to Join Hassan H. Kamara as he was awarded two Masters degrees in education and public health from the Baptist university. Hassan is also a graduate of Njala University College in Sierra Leone and North Hennepin College in Minnesota. He has an extensive background in education and health-care and is currently working in dialysis. Hassan is Married with two children, both of whom are academic all stars. Tegloma Minnesota congratulates our president. Bravo Hassan!!!

Ambrose Bashiru Sidique LaminLamin, Ambrose Bashiru Sidique Born 04 September 1947 in Kandor, Sierra Leone, West Africa, died unexpectedly but peacefully on 25 March 2010 at the age of 62 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Preceded in death by his beloved parents, Alhaji Sidique Lamin and Mommy Musu and Alfred Joseph Lamin and Mama Nancy. Survived by his wife and best friend, Kathy Herman-Lamin; daughter, Amanda Musu Lamin, and son, Sidique Bashiru Lamin; many brothers and sisters; and countless other relatives and friends. Ambrose came to Minneapolis in 1973 to complete his higher education; he received his bachelors and masters degrees in history and education at the University of Minnesota. His intentions were always to go back home to share his extensive knowledge in the Sierra Leone he loved so much, but unfortunately, war in the country kept him from fully achieving that dream. He was a resident of Minneapolis for 37 years. Ambrose taught for 20 years in the Minneapolis Pu…

Tegloma Minnesota Mother's Day Dinner

In recognition of the role women; our wives, mothers, and siters, play in our lives, we the men of Tegloma Minnesota Chapter organized a Mother's Day dinner at the prestigious Red Lobster Restaurant in Fridley Minnesota, where the womenfolk dined on fine shrimp, lobster and other sea food, combined with an amazing array of appetizers, beverages and deserts. We had a wonderful time and the ladies have promised to more than reciprocate in kind on Father's day.

We will hold them to their word. Happy Mother's day to all women around the world, especially my mom Bakissa Bailay and her sister Kadiatu Bailay. May god grant them good health

Njaluahun Chiefdom Amalgamation Saga

The post-paramount chieftaincy election activities in the Njaluahun Chiefdom, Kailahun District have taken new dimension leading to the creation of another chiefdom in that district.Since the election of the new paramount chief, PC James Sheriff Coker-Jajua on the 11th December, 2009 at the Chiefdom headquarter town of Segbwema, there has been acts of disobedience from the side of the people of Old Jahn Chiefdom which comprises two sections against the new paramount chief-elect Njaluahun Chiefdom.Njaluahun has twelve sections and it is a Class A chiefdom which depends mainly on mining and agriculture activities. The Jahn Old Chiefdom and the Old Njaluahun Chiefdom are amalgamated chiefdoms and according to the new Paramount Chieftaincy Act of 2009 which says where the chiefdom concerned is an amalgamated chiefdom, the declaration officer shall ensure that the conduct of the election of a paramount chief for that chiefdom is done on a rotational crowning basis.This secti…

Getting Rid of Cable and my House Phone once and for all

Over the years I have been stuck with hundred of dollars in cable bill, mainly because I'm a movie buff who needs premium channels like Showtime and HBO in addition to my basic cable channels. My cable company has made it an annual exercise to jack up my rates, leaving us with monthly bills in the low hundreds. Another parasite in the wallet has been my local phone company. They charge for everything; call waiting, voice-mail, conference calls, local fees, etc, you name them.
I've have signed up for bundles, discounts, promotions and every conceivable scheme, just to clamp down on these astronomical bills with little effect; the bills just kept growing from month to month. I bundled my cable, house phone, and high-speed Internet into one package, instead of reducing my bills, they were all just rounded up into a convenient single expensive bundle after the promotions expired.
Today I am happy to say that I have finally kicked these guys in the rear and kicked both my telephon…