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Surviving the Minnesota Winter

How is it possible that anybody born in Segbwema, Kenema, Makeni or Lunsar, can survive the biting cold of Minnesota? Why would anybody born in warm Africa want to live in such a cold place?
Well, the answer to the second question is that Minneasota is a good state to start life in. It has good colleges, many well paying beginner jobs, and a very stable economy. The people are friendly and liberal and there are Large Somali, Liberian and Kenyan communities. The state also boasts some of the largest Asian communities in the United States. This diversity, especially in the metropolitan areas discourage blatant incidents of discrimination.
Surviving the Minnesota winters however, takes some time to get used to. For those planning to reside here the following advice would be helpful.
At home, ensure that your heating is adequate and invest in economical heating technology. Your gas company or your local Home Depot can suggest ways you can keep the house warm while avoiding astronomical heat…